Secure Usage Instructions

Below are some tips to ensure that your details and the information on Roadmarque remain secure.


Remember that your password is personal and non-transferable. You are recommended to change it regularly. Remember to memorise it and avoid writing it down.

Password Do's and Don'ts


• Let anyone else use your password
• Use easily guessable words (eg your name)
• Re-use passwords too regularly
• Use the same password for different systems


• Keep your passwords safe
• Change your passwords regularly

Using a shared computer

You should take additional precautions when using public or shared computers. Remember you can be observed by others, so make sure you are not being overlooked and keep your password safe.

It is important for you to protect against unauthorised access to your password and to your computer, so be sure to log out when you finish a session.

How to log out of Roadmarque

The log out button is in the top right corner of the screen at all times.

If you use a shared or public computer to access Roadmarque, you should log out to prevent other users from accessing your personal information.