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  • DVLA licence check
  • Risk and cost reduction
  • Carbon footprint calculation
  • Flexible & independent assessment

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Roadmarque® Road Risk Management: The most innovative, robust and complete solution in the industry.

A compact, user friendly and powerful administration environment to help ensure your business is compliant with legislation.

Roadmarque® is unique in its approach, offering a collection of tools: DVLA Licence checks, a complete Driver Survey – integrating all factual aspects of driving with vehicle information – and a flexible collection of Aptitude Tests designed not only to evaluate, but also to engage, educate and challenge the driver.


We help drivers to understand their weaknesses and reach their full potential behind the wheel.


Our partners enhance their service and increase their business through helping employers improve Road Safety.


We empower driver trainers with advanced technology, helping them to work more efficiently and more productively.


We help employers to meet their legal obligations, protecting their businesses and their employees.