Road Risk Management Information for Employers

  • Reduce road risk
  • Achieve real savings
  • Engage your employees
  • Comply with H&S law


Protect your organisation and save money

Compliance, risk management and cost reduction all in one…

Roadmarque® is the most innovative, robust and complete solution in the industry – and it’s simple to use. The assessment is flexible in scope and includes the following elements:

  • DVLA Licence check and non-UK licence inspection
  • Driver Survey which uses factual information about a driver's day to day driving, as well as a complete DVLA licence check to assess the driver’s risk profile
  • Aptitude Assessment consisting of up to 7 tests – including a psychometric assessment and a check on how well your drivers understand your driving policy

The DVLA Licence check, Driver Survey and the Aptitude Assessment are independent but complementary.

Within the Driver Survey, many factors are used to gain a holistic view of a driver's risk profile, including:

  • Vehicle and vehicle usage
  • Work patterns
  • Collision history
  • Personal profile and driving history
  • DVLA licence check

The results of this analysis are summarised in a report and drivers are subdivided into several risk groups with further background information. With this information at your fingertips, you can easily see where immediate action is required and how best to target your training budget.

In addition to receiving a complete report about each driver the summary report also includes the calculation of the CO2 footprint for each employee and for the company as a whole, separated into work and private driving. This assessment allows you to monitor and analyse trends over time - and thereby introduce measures to reduce CO2 pollution and the associated costs to your business.

Within the Aptitude Assessments there are up to seven tests. One of the tests is designed to understand how well your drivers know and understand your driving policy.

Integrated into Roadmarque® is a flexible intervention recommendation system. This system allows you to organise and monitor interventions that are right for you – according to your policies, budget and the weaknesses of your individual drivers. A complete audit trail is then generated within Roadmarque®