Road Risk Management Information for Drivers

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Do you know everything you should know about driving whilst at work?

Roadmarque® is a driver risk assessment designed to help employers and drivers to reduce the risk of collisions whilst driving in connection with work. By helping you to understand the risk factors associated with your own type of driving, you can work individually or together with your employer to reduce those risks.

The risk scores that Roadmarque® generates are used to compare and "rank" drivers, allowing an employer to deploy additional training resource where they are most needed and will have most benefit. The test is not a driving skill test (driving skill is a relatively poor indicator of collision risk). The test covers a wide range of areas, measuring exposure to factors that commonly contribute to collisions, like stress, tiredness, annual mileage etc.

Roadmarque® also helps you to understand what level of risk you represent to your employer; information that may or may not be shared with you - depending on your employer's policy.

Irrespective of your employment status, there is a clear benefit in participating in Roadmarque® assessments:


If you are an employee and you are here to find out more about Roadmarque® because your employer is using our service, then be reassured that the tests are not designed to catch you out. The aim of the Roadmarque® system is to identify weak areas and to strengthen them. It is very much in your interest to take part - it may just make the difference between having a serious collision and avoiding one.

Self employed?

If you are self employed, Roadmarque® allows you to start small and add drivers as they join your company. Every employer has a duty to protect its employees from road risk (regardless of size). If you are your own employer, then you are still required to do what is affordable and sensible to protect yourself (and any future employees) from road risk. Contact us to start using Roadmarque®.

Not currently employed?

If you are not currently employed but intend to apply for a job that will involve some driving for your employer, then Roadmarque® allows you to register as both a driver and as an employer. This will allow you to run through all of the tests and do the training, but also to see your final detailed reports. These reports can be printed and presented to a potential employer at interview. If you are offered a job, then your records can be transferred to your employer if they also use Roadmarque®. Contact us to start using Roadmarque®.